About Us

Yensuade is an online school based in Accra, Ghana.
We teach French, Maths, Literacy and Science to students between the ages of 5 and 15 years.
We recognize that children absorb information in a variety of ways; hence our teachers also use multisensory teaching techniques to meet the needs of visual learners, kinesthetic learners, and auditory learners; thus maximizing achievement.

As the world has now become a global village with the help of the internet, am happy to take part in making education accessible to all and bringing out the potential in every kid through Yensuade Online Courses.

Patrick Ismael Diomonde

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Our Vision
Reaching full potential

Our focus is on one on one tuition, live online classes to concentrate on the kid and maximize achievement.

Our Mission
An evolving world goal.

Helping kids anywhere anytime to access education in a modern way. With the internet become the next big thing, we are happy to bring teachers and student much more closer.


Meet the Tutors at Yensuade

Mr Patrick
French And English Teacher.
Erika Mina
Math and English teacher
Louis Theriault
He can teach French, English,Spanish, Philipino, Bahasa

French Canadian from Montréal,Québec,Canada presently living in Ecuador,South America.
Adrian Cruz
Data Science Instructor