Yensuade Live online classes for kids.

Yensuade is an online school based in Accra, Ghana. We teach French, Math, Literacy and Science online to Primary Students . Enjoy our course at two days trial.

What a Student have to Say
"Each course I have accessed at Yensuade has been very great. The teachers make sure we understand what we are studying. We get the chance to ask questions and the teachers are very welcoming. Such a great experience"
Efua Gibson

Why register For Live Online Lessons at Yensuade?

It’s good to watch YouTube videos, but that alone is not enough because you can’t interact with the teacher in the video. You need to practice what you hear, make mistakes, and be corrected by a qualified, teacher.
With our live online lessons, your kids receive instant feedback from a qualified French teacher to help them improve their  skills

Learn French the easy way online for Primary.
This is a one-hour tutoring section that will provide students with individual help with Math. Classes are engaging and interactive.
Allow students to practice and improve key literacy skills such as vocabulary, fluency, spelling, writing, grammar, & reading strategies with an interactive approach.
Introduction and practice of selected core science content. Fun and interactive sessions.

Take Class anywhere anytime at Yensuade

Have a busy schedule? No problem. Do you live far from the city? We’ve got you covered! You are no longer limited by distance. No need to be stuck in traffic for hours just to attend a French class. Learn French from the comfort of your home or on the go. All you need is a stable internet connection

YouTube French resource for beginners.